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Limited travel options? 5 ideas for things to do in Covid times

The past two years have given us plenty of time in and around our own home. While perfect for some, others are longing to go back to โ€˜normalโ€™ with unconstrained easy travel pretty much anywhere. Either way, thereโ€™s not necessarily always something to look forward to right…

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5 Best Hidden Gems Zwolle

On our quest to see all 12 provincial capitals in The Netherlands, we went on a weekend visit to the lovely city of Zwolle last summer, the capital of the province Overijssel. Before going there, our usual search for hidden gems taught us that according to many,…

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3 Must-sees in Murcia

The Southern Spanish region of Murcia is easily overshadowed by its much larger and more famous neighbours of Andalusia and Valencia. And while those regions may have more truly must-see places, we took the time to list three highlights in Murcia from our recent trip to Andalusia…

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Hey you, go beyond the usual. The stories that stick with you through the years are most commonly those about the unexpected places and experiences you happen to run into. Not the impressive tourist attractions, but the unique, hidden gems, unusual places and experiences create the most valuable memories.

We are on an ongoing hunt to find such hidden gems. Occasionally turning into an inconspicuous alley, researching online and most of all keeping our eyes open, in search of locations that are beyond the usual. We write about that search on our blog and the prettiest, most unique and hidden gems we find, we gather on our map