After the plan for Go Beyond the Usual was months in the making, just about three months of being online have since passed. In that time, our map has grown to showing 80 hidden gems in 16 countries around Europe. And we are far from being done! In fact, there’s so much more we would like to tell you about. For that reason, the time has come to expand…!

How cool: we started with low expectations, in search of secret places worth finding. Just to see whether it would catch on and bring us what we hoped for. And it’s safe to say our expectations have easily been exceeded by the responses we’ve received so far! We’ve met likeminded people through our Instagram and are getting amazing tips on places to visit and things to pay attention to. At the same time, it changes any simple drive from A to B into an adventurous treasure hunt, and makes sure that our attention is drawn to inconspicuous and surprising locations we would normally have passed by without giving them so much as a single look.

All of this feeds us with inspiring, beautiful stories and memories. And now is the time to start sharing them with you, through more than just pins on a map. We will regularly bring you blogs on a wide variety of Beyond the Usual-worthy travel tips. What that might be? Well, right now we’re thinking about:

  • Trip reports from specific places that combine multiple hidden gems and tell you a little bit more about what we experience on the way
  • The coolest routes and walks we’d recommend you to follow
  • Tips and tricks for traveling Beyond the Usual
  • Updates on our plans
  • Inspiration on how to combine the adventures with your job and lifestyle

In short, we hope to inspire you through fun and educational blogs. And we’re obviously curious to hear from you, what you’d like to read! Let us know by leaving a comment on this blog or reaching out on Instagram.

Kirsten & Thomas

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