Tourists and students from all over the world flock to Utrecht, one of the Big Four of cities in the Netherlands. Where Amsterdam is the obvious leader in terms of tourism in the Netherlands, this means Utrecht is somewhat the younger brother of the two. Nevertheless, the city centre buzzes with life most of the day, and the city centre’s most popular places can get quite crowded. If, like us, you are always looking for a bit of a quieter getaway as a nice change from a city’s pace, look no further. In just over 2 kilometres, this walking tour or ‘steegjeswandeling’ (in Dutch) takes you from right-in-the-middle-of-it-all to wondering if you’re even still in a city, and back.

Zigzag through hidden alleyways in Utrecht’s inner city

That’s right, the entire walking route through these secret alleys and hidden passages lies within the inner city. You can start from wherever you’d like and follow the route below, but you’ll most likely find yourself near the Domplein or Mariaplaats when starting the walk.

In around 30 minutes, you’ll traverse hidden alleyways in all forms. From those used by cars, to those so narrow even bicycles will struggle to get through. From those that lie right next to the busy Oudegracht, to those that have gates and signs asking you to respect the privacy of residents. You’ll even discover some courtyards and a small park that make you feel as though far from the city centre. 

Alleyways walking route/steegjeswandeling

Distance: 2,2 KM
Time: 30 minutes, 45 if you stop for a lot of photos
Tip: add this map to your Google Maps app to easily navigate. Find out how to do this on our Travel Map page.

We’d love to hear from you when you’ve tried the alley walk, let us know what you thought of it!

Kirsten & Thomas

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