The Southern Spanish region of Murcia is easily overshadowed by its much larger and more famous neighbours of Andalusia and Valencia. And while those regions may have more truly must-see places, we took the time to list three highlights in Murcia from our recent trip to Andalusia and Murcia in november and december of 2021. This is our third and final blog in a series about that trip. Find and read the others, about must-sees in Andalusia and about the hidden gems we found, here.

Must-see Murcia 1: Batería de Castillitos

Batería de Castillitos

At the end of another sunny day in Spain, we made our way up a steep, narrow road to the Batería de Castillitos: a fort built between 1933 and 1936 to defend the town of Cartagena. The fort itself comes across as a mix of Disneyland (it feels a little fake) and Game of Thrones, for as far as those two can be compared. But walking onto and through the fort is a really cool experience, especially when combined with a 360 view over the bay of Cartagena.

We’d definitely recommend you to drive up the winding when you’re in the area. The route to the fort made Kirsten quite nervous (let’s say she had to stop herself from tapping the imaginary brake that the passenger side does not have), but it was altogether very doable to drive. It’s only quite narrow, and for that reason motorhomes are not allowed up the route beyond the hamlet of Campillo de Adentro. Keep this in mind when visiting! Like many other places we found, the region has not used the fort as a source of income from tourism, so it’s entirely free to access.

The Batería de Castillitos is located here. There’s a rather small and confusing parking lot right at the end of the road, to get there just follow the RM-E23 road as far as it goes. Top tip: we didn’t find any toilets or places selling food or drinks. Stock up before visiting!

Must-see Murcia 2: Roman Amphitheatre, Cartagena

Must-see Murcia 2 Roman Amphitheatre, Cartagena

We only spent a short while in Cartagena. One of the locals we spoke to had quite a clear view about the city: ‘I don’t like Cartagena’. What we did get to see in Cartagena was the impressively large Roman Amphitheatre located near the coast.

Continuous occupation and changing urban fabric left this amphitheatre mostly hidden away until a big restoration operation between 1996 and 2003. The Cartagena Cathedral was even built partially overtop the original amphitheatre!

Though you can pay (€6 per person) to access the amphitheatre and accompanying museum, there are plenty of opportunities to see the amphitheatre from almost every side for free, which we opted for. Best views are from the top, along the Calle Segundilla.

Must-see Murcia 3: Ciudad Encantada de Bolnuevo

Our third and final must-see in the region of Murcia is the odd rock formation of Bolnuevo nicknamed ‘Ciudad Encantada’ (enchanted city). This rock formation is located right by the ocean, which means you can combine a visit with a refreshing dive in the sea. It’s also perhaps the easiest to reach highlight we visited in our entire trip to Southern Spain, with a massive parking lot right next to the rock formation.

In short: nothing to plan an entire day visiting, but a nice place to drive to and make a short stop.

The Ciudad Encantada de Bolnuevo is located here. Parking is free right and located right beside it.

Are there any other places that you would say are must-sees in Murcia? Let us know!

Kirsten & Thomas

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