‘s-Hertogenbosch, more often referred to as Den Bosch, has been our home town for quite a while now. Numerous lockdowns mean we have had plenty of time to explore our way around the city. Like many other Dutch cities, the capital of the southern province of Noord-Brabant has a lengthy history. Despite growing to a town of 110.000, the city center has partly kept its historic charm, including a maze of streets and alleys that can make a first time visitor lose their way rather easily. As locals, we have compiled the best alleys that we have so far found in a 3,4 km route that leads through most of the city center.

Surprising alleys and streets throughout the city center

You can start the route from anywhere. It passes by the Markt & Parade squares, both of which you’ll undoubtedly come across when in Den Bosch. In just over 3 kilometers, the route takes you through picturesque cobbled streets, easy-to-miss alleyways and a few gates that make you question whether or not you are about to trespass.

Our personal favorite along the route is the tiny passageway at Lombardje street, an arch you’ll have to duck under to avoid hitting your head. But along the route, there are plenty more remarkable, hidden and surprisingly beautiful alleys and streets. Let us know which is your favorite along the route!

Alleyways walking route/steegjeswandeling

Distance: 3,4 KM
Time: 45 minutes to 1 hour, depending on how many photo stops you’ll need
The route passes by countless opportunities for coffee, lunch and dinner. Contact us if you’re in need of some specific recommendations or to get a GPX file of the route!

We’d love to hear from you when you’ve tried the alley walk, let us know what you thought of it!

Kirsten & Thomas

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