That we enjoy finding hidden gems when traveling, can’t be news to you. But did you already know that we gather all of those hidden gems, the ones you’ve seen on our Instagram and in blogs such as this one, on our travel map? The travel map was actually the start of our idea for Go Beyond the Usual, meaning we’ve gathered all of our hidden gems since the very beginning! And nearing a year of uptime, the travel map deserved a bit of an update. We’ve revised some of the texts to make them fit a little more with our current style, and added a bunch of new hidden gems from recent and less recent travels that are very deserving of a place on our travel map.

On our map you will spot those hidden gems that are worth finding, in our opinion. Every pin has something special: an interesting backstory, an unexpected location or an atmosphere to remember. Use it to your advantage, to discover remarkable places near you or to get inspired for your upcoming trip. At every pin on the map, you can read more about the location, its history, our experience and sometimes find practical information.

Are you curious to find out more about the latest hidden gems that have earned a place on our travel map? Here’s three of them for you! For the specific location and other practical information, find them on our travel map.

Hidden gem 1: Hike up from Busteni, Romania

Hidden gem 1 Hike up from Busteni, Romania

On a 2017 backpacking trip around the Balkans, Thomas met up with a former travel friend from the US in Romania for a hiking adventure. As last-minute as possible, we bought hiking shoes and a tent at the local Decathlon store the day before and found a Wikiloc link to a challenging hike near the Brasov area. From the vibrant mountain town of Busteni, we hiked and scrambled our way up the mountain in an enduring 5-hour 5-kilometer climb. Once at the top, entirely shattered from the climb, we set up camp and woke up the next morning to what is still the most amazing sunrise I have seen in my entire life.

Hidden gem 2: DENF Coffee, Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Whether you’re looking for a place to take a break from shopping in Eindhoven’s city center or a place to work, or just in search of a good cup of coffee, you’ll find what you need at DENF Coffee. It’s located in the kind of place you won’t really notice if you’re not looking for it, but all the more worth visiting for a cup of their outstanding coffee. We’ve been here multiple times for a break from the weather or just on our way into the city, and it has never disappointed!

Hidden gem 3: Ptarmigan Cirque, Alberta, Canada

Back in 2016, I (Thomas) got a chance to stay with locals from Calgary during my studies. On the free days of our two-week research visit, our hosts took us to the Rocky Mountains for a weekend of back-to-basic camping and hiking. Along the Kananaskis Trail south of Banff, lies Little Highwood Pass, where we parked to go on a short hike up to the Ptarmigan Cirque. The photos are an attempt to convey its immense scale and beauty, but it’s definitely worth a visit to experience for yourself! 

Our map now features nearly 100 hidden gems in over 20 countries, which is your favorite? Go check them all out on the travel map page.

Are there any other places that you would say are must-sees in Murcia? Let us know!

Kirsten & Thomas

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