About us

The covid-19 pandemic put a halt to worldwide tourism. Dirt cheap flights were cancelled and the worldwide hunger for ticking off those bucket list highlights was satisfied with holidays in our own country, out of necessity. This sparked a new lust for exploration in us. We skipped the faraway tourist highlights (and their crowds) and went instead on a search for hidden gems nearby. As it turns out, searching thoroughly reveals the prettiest, most surprising and most hidden of locations.

We, Kirsten and Thomas, are on an ongoing hunt to find such hidden gems. Occasionally turning into an inconspicuous alley, researching online and most of all keeping our eyes open, in search of locations that are beyond the usual. The prettiest, most unique and hidden gems we find, we now gather on a publicly available map. A map to use when you’ve checked off all the top highlights or when you are tired of them for a while. Use it to plan your trip well ahead, or to check last-minute what’s hidden near you. As we’ve visited all of the locations ourselves, most are not too far from our home in the Netherlands. But the map also features international locations from our trips to places further away.

Keep an eye on the map, because we’re always adding new spots. Tip: we’ll update you on our newest discoveries on our socials!

– Kirsten & Thomas

Go beyond the usual hidden gems

Did we spark your interest and do you consider a cooperation? Send us an e-mail: gobeyondtheusual@gmail.com.