Being outside is really good for you, here's why

Being outside is really good for you, and here’s why

Last weekend we pitched our tent in the middle of the abundantly green Belgian Ardennes. To be honest, we were pretty tired from the work week before and my tense shoulders were giving me a nasty headache. Whether it was down to the peace and quiet or the environment, I donโ€™t know, but after a…

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Hidden gems Jordan

These are the hidden gems we found in Jordan!

During our first time in this amazing country in the Middle East, we obviously spent a lot of time exploring the must-sees, as anyone should. With Petra, Wadi Rum and Jerash just to name a few, Jordan offers some unique highlights for any visiting tourist. But even during our limited time there, we had planned…

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Hidden gem 1 Hike up from Busteni, Romania

Have you seen the new hidden gems on our travel map?

That we enjoy finding hidden gems when traveling, canโ€™t be news to you. But did you already know that we gather all of those hidden gems, the ones youโ€™ve seen on our Instagram and in blogs such as this one, on our travel map? The travel map was actually the start of our idea for…

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