About the travel map

On our map you will spot those hidden gems that are worth finding, in our opinion. Every pin has something special: an interesting backstory, an unexpected location or an atmosphere to remember. Use it to your advantage, to discover remarkable places near you or to get inspired for your upcoming trip.

We’ve personally visited every spot, and recommend it based on our experience. At every pin on the map, you can read more about the location, its history, our experience and sometimes find practical information. You’ll also find photos that give you an idea of what it is you can find. We’ve sorted the pins into four categories:

Nature away from the famous national parks, routes off the beaten track, hidden viewpoints and secret urban gardens.

Places where you go to taste the atmosphere alongside your food. An unexpectedly cozy coffee place with a kind barista, or a spot that’s managed with heart and soul.

A remarkable story, a hidden piece of impressive history, striking architecture or a quirky store.

A small-scale place with unexpectedly hospitable hosts, a special backstory, defining decor or spectactular surroundings.

Integrate in Google Maps

Add the Beyond the Usual Map from our website to your MyMaps collection either by favoriting it by tapping the star at the top left of the map opening the map in full-screen by tapping the full-screen icon at the top right.

Open your Google Maps app

Tap Saved Save place. At the bottom, tap Maps.

Tap the Beyond the Usual Map to see all its locations in your Google Maps app. Youโ€™re now able to see whatโ€™s nearby, navigate and find additional information with ease.

In the future, repeat step 2 through 4 to display the Beyond the Usual Map again. It will automatically update when we add new locations!